Friday, July 8, 2011

Shell Memory Frames!

We just made these frames last night to commemorate our Destin vacation last week.  We did it together and it was super easy, and affordable too!
Items needed:
     *these came from Michael's and are made out of MDF board
     *I liked them because they reminded me of sand
-craft paper
     *I chose ones that were blue to give a water feel
     *Mackenzie wanted the glitter blue and Zach went with the simple blue texture
     *I had my daughter pick out which ones she wanted  to feature in the frame
-sea shells
     *We brought home what we found at the beach
-hot glue gun
How to:
Step one: Have kids pick the picture they want and add it into the frame
Step two: Clean shells, make sure to rinse them in a little bleach water so that they are free of salt water
Step three: Cut and glue some of the craft paper on the frame.  Any shape or size can work, really what ever the kids want!
Step four: Have the kids pick the shells they want to use and lay them out on the frame
Step five: Hot glue the shells to the frame.  Parents make sure you do this step!
Step six:  Let them dry and find a great place in the house to put them on display!
I really think the sky is the limit with these frames.  If you want you can add their names, location, and year.  I also think it would be great to add some rhinestones.  The kids always seem to love those!  I did write the date and place on the back of the frames for easy reference in the future!  I don't have the best handwriting so I didn't want that on the front of them!

-frame $2.99
-craft paper $.99
-photos $.10
-sea shells FREE

Total: $4.08 per frame

The kiddos were so proud of these frames this morning.  They couldn't wait to tell people about them! By having them on display, it provides a great story for them to share with people about the time they went on vacation to the beach!

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