Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Traveling Mom!

There is nothing I hate more about being a working mom then traveling!  I dread leaving the kids weeks before it even happens.  Most of the time, I only go away for one to two nights, but last week I had my bi-yearly trip to Europe.  I was gone four nights and 5 whole days!

I really wanted to do something a little different to stay connected with the kids back home!  At the airport last week I picked up two little cows!  I sent the below picture over my blackberry asking the kids to give them names!  I let them know that these little guys had asked to come on my trip with me and that we would send them photos to see what we were doing everyday!  They also really wanted to come home and meet their new owners as soon as possible!
Starting the trip off in the Columbus airport!
I got a text back right away with the following names.........Sally and Sam!  The kids were in love and were super excited to see pictures all week of what mommy was doing with Sally and Sam!
Landing in Berlin!
It was super easy for me to carry the little cow around in my bag along the trip!  I loved finding different photo opportunities to incorporate Sally and Sam!  I know the kids loved it, and it even helped me to pass the time.  The week flew by, and before I knew it I was on my flight home!

Each night, when I video chatted with the kids they wanted to see Sally and Sam to make sure they were still with me!  Even when I was finally home the first thing they asked for was their new cow friends!  I have a feeling that Sally and Sam are going to be going on more trips with me over the next few months and who knows maybe even years!

Here are just a few cute photos from my trip last week!  It really was a great way to stay connected to the kids day to day even though I was half a world away!
Do you see Sam in this one?

These are the little red and green men from Berlin cross walks!
Sally says "Red means stop and green means go!"

Must have a picture with a stein!

A must needed pilsner!
A must have German sausage!

Goodnight Sally and Sam!

Up and ready to start another day!

Ready and boarded for Munich!

Got to love those German pretzels!

Coo Coo Clock in public square in Munich!

Traditional German dresses!

Finally, London to enjoy some cupcakes!

Flowers in London hotel!

Sam with the British royal guard!

A little frozen yogurt snack!

Packed up and heading home!

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