Monday, March 21, 2011

About my Baby!
When I started blogging, I knew that I had to make one of my posts about one of my favorite websites…  Now I know there are plenty of free similar websites out there these days, but I like the password protection that this site offers. This site is also under a new set of owners (previous users) that are really updating it and making some great changes!
I came across when I was pregnant with my first baby 4 years ago.  A friend of mine that had just had her first baby had started using it.  I loved how I felt a part of what was going on in the family on a daily/weekly/monthly basis.  It was great to get the emails letting me know there was new posted info to review.
I signed myself up even before Mackenzie was born.  I wanted my family and friends to have a chance to sign up for email updates.  This way when Mackenzie arrived I could add all the important information on it for everyone to enjoy.  I actually think some of my first posts were about my baby showers and the last few weeks leading up to her arrival.
I know that my family and friends really enjoy the website and it has proven invaluable to me.  I love that I have now maintained it for over 4 years and expanded it to document all the events of my son Zach.  I find myself going back and reviewing old pictures and movies all the time.
I can access the info any time that I want to remember things from when they were littler!  It is great when I am traveling for work as I can log on and see my babies when ever I want!  I have also gone back in the journal section many of times to review what Mackenzie was doing at certain ages to see if Zach is doing things at the same time or not!
For me this website has replaced baby books.  Don’t get me wrong I do have baby books for both Mackenzie and Zach, but when I want to look back and remember something I go to their website first.
Some of the aboutmybaby features are:
-journals, photos, info stats, video, comment area
I know that the site is loved by my family and friends.  I am able to keep everyone in the loop on what is going on in the Taylor family as much as I want too.  I often get voicemail message from Granny down in Florida saying “Why haven’t you updated the website this week?”  She keeps me on top of things as she views the page everyday with her morning coffee.
Anther great feature for family members is that they can order pictures from your page.  It is nice and easy for them to access the file and send it to print.  With in just a few short days they have their own set of photos to show and tell with as they please. This takes the pressure off of all you busy moms out there to send all the family up to date photos.  Now there are a few grandparents that are not as computer savvy that we send photos to, but for the most part our followers are experts at using the site.
Like I said the site does have a fee, but for under $50 a year I feel it is a steal!  So go check it out and click the take a tour tab to see all the features.  If you are really interested send me a separate email and I can give you the info for my private family page.

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