Monday, March 21, 2011

Baby Bomb!

Last night I was able to have a great conversation with a young lady on my flight home from New York City.  I am not usually one to talk to people around me on an airplane, but when you are delayed for a couple of hours it is hard not to start up conversation.  In this case I was glad to talk with her!
She has been commuting back and forth between NYC and Columbus for a guy.  She was beaming every time she said his name.  She was confident that they would get married and said that she knew that right from the start.  What she went on to tell me was that she also saw herself having kids with this guy and it didn’t freak her out in the least!  She did say that what her friends describe as the “Baby Bomb” did scare her quite a bit!
I knew I was scared of a “Baby Bomb” as soon as I heard that terminology.  She went on to describe it as turning every aspect of your life upside down!  Her friends talked about the house being a mess, stuff just everywhere, lack of sleep, and no time to yourself.  She did also mention that her friends always say they would do it all over again.
The above situation was clear to me.  That is the reason I am developing Nesting Made Easy!  I want to help new moms minimize the “Baby Bomb!”  I want to help them organize and prepare for was is coming.  Yes babies do change everything, but I don’t think it has to be a bomb!
She ended up being a great person and we talked about many ideas!  I am sorry now that I didn’t get her info, but it is always interesting how certain people are meant to cross paths with you!  Thanks for the talk!

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