Sunday, June 19, 2011

How does it happen?!

I sit and watch my kids all the time and wonder how does it happen?  They are learning something new every day.  They are getting big so fast!  I know we all have these thoughts and that it has to happen, but I still find myself sitting here thinking of how I can make it last longer!  Here is just a little moment I had yesterday that I will now remember for a very long time.....

Zachary is right at the stage where he is starting to say a lot of words.  He will just come out of the blue with somethings and it will sound so clear!  This week, for example, he is saying "yes."   There is a lot of his very own language he uses as well.  He has his noises or sounds for all types of things that I am sure I don't even pick up on.  Just yesterday I put one little phrase together.  When ever he wants a drink he says "yang yang."  Now, I know that doesn't sound all that crazy, but to me it is mind boggling.

I always remember my mom telling me that as a toddler I called water "yang yang."  I don't go walking around saying "yang yang" all the time now so I don't know how he could have picked it up?  Words like that don't seem hereditary, but maybe they are?  He gets so excited now that I understand a little bit of his own language.  I think he has asked for "yang yang" about 5 times already this morning!

I see so much of myself in my kids everyday.  It is just a great feeling to watch them grow up and know that I did that!

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