Monday, June 6, 2011


What do you get when you mix a 30 year wedding anniversary with a retirement party? A RETIREVERSARY of course! 

That is exactly what took place this past Saturday evening!  I can't believe that we were able to pull it off, but we did!  Steve and Lynne were totally surprised!  It is hard enough to keep it a secret from one person, but 2 people is asking a lot!

We had a great turn out, as only one person out of 70 RSVP'ed with a no!  Not hard to believe when you are celebrating two important mile stones:

1.     Steve and Lynne both retired after a combined total of 71 years of service at the Cincinnati VA hospital. 

2.     30 years of wedded bliss from June 6th, 1981 to June 6th, 2011.

It was a huge team effort!  We coordinated between all the girls in 3 different states (WI, OH, KY).  Once we landed on our Hillbilly Chic Picnic theme it was time to manage through the details!  Everyone, pitched in and we divided up the tasks to pull the party off!  At times it was difficult to manage the communications across everyone, but in true sisterly form we worked it out as only sisters can!

Dessert table!

Table Decorations!

We also have to give a huge "Thanks!" to all of our family members!  They are great with bringing the side dishes and family specialties to the party!  We had so much great food and no one left there hungry!

Our last shot out goes to the Stegman family for lending us use of their lovely log cabin and shaded back yard!  We had to find a location to pull off the surprise, and since none of us live in town it was a huge bonus to leverage their beautiful home!

I think we were all happy with the result, especially when we saw the surprise on their faces!  I think there were even a few tears that made it even more special for all of us!
Zach ran to Paw Paw at the surprise!

Mackenzie was also right there to greet them!

It was definitely a hot one pushing almost 95 degrees, but we found ways to keep cool!  It also helps that when you are in good company things like the heat seem to fade away.

Zach keeping cool with water!
Keeping cool with a hammock!

As the night came and cooled everyone off, it was a great feeling to see how happy this party had made our honored guests!  What a great way to celebrate such monumental events!

Now that Maw Maw and Paw Paw have the rest of their lives together off, I am a little worried about never seeing my kids again.  In fact, they are not due home from Kentucky till tomorrow night!  Looks like another date night for me and Daddy!


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