Sunday, August 28, 2011

Baby Blocks!

I always like to have a go to gift for different special occasions.  So when an event comes up, you can order it right away! 

Over the last few months, I have found myself ordering a lot of these personalized wooden blocks.  There have been a lot of babies born among our family and friends lately. 

I do have to admit that this was not something I found on my own!  I have to give all the credit to one of my dearest friends!  He ordered one of these blocks for my daughter, and he had it sent to us just a few weeks after she was born!  I fell in love with the ideas as soon as I opened it!  What a great gift! 

It is perfect to have around the baby's room so that the info is always right with in reach.  It is in a nice light wood color so it goes with anything!  I also like that it is small enough to be easily stored away in their keepsake box.  I think it is something my daughter will come to cherish when she is older!

Let's face it, down the road it will be a great tool to reference!  We all quiz our parents on our own birthday's and ask them things like......

What time was I born?
How much did I weight?
How long was I?

Now you can just grab the block and all the info is there for safe keeping!  It even has what day of the week the baby was born!  Now that is something extra you can share down the road as it is not the most asked question as the above!

I have ordered over 15 blocks from craft-E-family, and in every instance they have delivered on time and all the information is correct!  I really enjoy the products that they produce and will be purchasing a baptism block in a few weeks!  I also love that the shipping is free.  It really makes a nice gift at the right price.

I know I shouldn't be sharing my go to gift for new borns, but I have seen how delighted parents are to receive these blocks and feel I have to share. 

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