Friday, October 14, 2011

Wish List!

A wish list!  What a great idea.  We all know how hard it can be to keep track of what our children want for the holidays or their birthday!  Every mom has spent way too much precious time returning duplicate toys!  Well things are getting a whole lot easier! 

At first, I thought I was behind the times on this one.  But when I spoke to other moms, I realized it is not as commonly used as I thought.  I did some research and there are lots of tools out there for anyone to use!  Here is what I found!

Individual store wish list options:

Toys r us Wish List

I have used this particular tool for my daughter's birthday.  It was great!  She had a lot of fun adding to her list.  You can easily share it over email and on facebook.  One feature that I thought was useful is that the creator of the list can mark items as "purchased" even if they were not bought at Toys r us.  That way you can move it off the list so that it is not bought by someone else.  The down side is that really it is only toys that you can add!

Target Target List

Target has a variety of lists that can be formed on their sight!  You can set up a weekly shopping list, gift lists, and even a grocery list.  You can even download lists and apps to your phone!  This can be great for viewing them in the store, but also for scanning items and adding to your list while you are in the store!  Their tools are also very user friendly for sharing and printing different lists.  I think their tool is better then Toys r us because you can add clothing and other types of items.  The phone app is definitely a plus as well!

Walmart Wish List

Walmart seems to be falling a little short of Target in the list area.  They do have a wish list section, but it is simply run like a registry that you view on-line and print from a kiosk in the store.  They were promoting new features coming soon so it is worth watching. 

Multi store wish list options:

Kidsreg Registry

This site seems very easy to use as well.  It is basically a registry for kids, but it can hold items from any site on the web.  This way you can make a complete overall list in one spot.  You can password protect your list as well which can be an added feature over other registries. Wish List

Now this site seems to be leading the pack!  You can compile your registry from any web site like many others, but this one gives you the option of adding an "add to my registry" button to your browsers bar.  That way as you are looking at pages out there if you come across something you want to add you simply just click the browser button to add to the list!  Another feature that is great is that it will take certain items and search for the best deal out there on the web.  It is good to know you are always getting the best price.  They have a few phone app features, but it is not as developed as the Target one.  I am sure this will be an area that will be improved on the site!

Overall, for the up coming holiday season I will be using!  I am going to be setting up a list for every member of the family as I am looking forward to making a special mommy list this year!

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  1. Great yet simple idea! Fabulous for us non-parents as well since we are sometimes doubtful what we are getting for the kids.....hence why I do a lot of reviews LOL.
    Thanks muchly!
    Stopping by from MomnBaby!