Tuesday, February 7, 2012

PB&J Sushi!

I am just on a role this week with Pinterest!  I love that I can find quick things for the kids.  What a great idea.......PB&J Sushi rolls!
I simply cut the crust off of a single piece of bread.  Then, I rolled it out with a rolling pin so that it was thinner and easier to roll.  Next, add a thin layer of PB& J, and then you are ready to roll.  Cut it into a few pieces and you are all set!  

Both kids finished the sushi roll first!  They loved it so much I had to make another roll for each of them.  What a great way to make a boring PB&J new again!  I think that next time I will see how they do with some chop sticks!

Here is the line for the original PB&J Sushi if you would like to pin it!

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