Sunday, March 20, 2011

Common Family Interest!

It is so important to have a common family interest!  It creates so many things to do and share together!  I think for my family it has evolved to be the Columbus Blue Jackets.  Mackenzie went to her first game this year at just about 3 years old and LOVED it.  We both thought she was just going to like the food, but to our surprise she loved the whole experience.  She was cheering and asking all kinds of questions so she could learn the game.  That first game went in to overtime and then a shoot out and she was able to stay awake till the end!
Over this past season she has gone to a hand full of games and has watched everyone on TV she could stay awake long enough for.  We made the games a lot of fun and a family event every time they were on.  We would make popcorn and cuddle up on the couch to cheer on the team.

She really loves the team and knows so much about the sport!  Really for only being 3 it is amazing how in to it she has been!  She can recognize the players on the ice and when they are getting interviewed between periods.  Heck I can say I don’t always know them all but she sure does!
Zach hasn’t been going to the games but has watched a few on TV before heading off to bed.  He likes cheering and even the music that is on during a game!  We can’t wait till he can go along with us to the actual games.

Today we all went down the the CBJ’s open practice.  It was a blast.  Mackenzie was thrilled to be so close to all the players.  Her smile never left her place for the entire hour we were there!  Zach also enjoyed it!  He was watching the players and banging on the glass to get their attention.  They both stayed the entire hour and didn’t want to go when practice was over.  We were able to make some great family memories today and can’t wait to add to them into the playoff season.  That is if the CBJ can pull it together here in the final stretch of the season.
I am not saying that all families have to take an interest in sports, anything will do!  It can be as simple as a movie night with some special treats or time to do crossword puzzles together.  Life is so hectic make time for what brings you together!  

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