Thursday, July 21, 2011

Baby Girl's Room!

I had the best time helping my sister with her new baby girl's room!  It inspired me to think out side the box and to develop new ways to use my design skills.  Here is how the room came to be..........

When I first spoke to her about what she was going to do in the nursery, she sounded frustrated.  She did not even know where to start.  I felt the very same way when I was pregnant with my first child.  It is over whelming especially if designing is not your thing! 

This is exactly where I knew I could help!  Now that I had two kids of my own, I knew exactly what to stock up on in the nursery!  Throw in my design back ground and we had the perfect pairing!

We started first talking about what she liked and wanted to see in the nursery.  She also had some furniture already picked out and ordered.  She wanted to make it girly and pink but did not want to buy everything new if she was to have a little boy later on!

I did some research and came up with the above inspirational room.  The black and white will work great for a girl or a boy!  Then you add the pink in the items that can be changed out easily later if they would ever need the room for a little boy!

I sent her over the inspirational picture and she loved it!  She called to tell me that she had shown everyone in her office and had it hanging next to her so that she could look at it all the time!

After that reaction I felt inspired to take it to the next level.  I wanted to help give her ideas to follow for the room.  At the same time, I wanted her to be able to go out and find items she liked and incorporate them as well. 

From this idea I created the two inspirational pages for her.  The first page above was all the items that were gender neutral and can always remain in the room.  The second page was to help with those girly items to give the room the finishing touches.  Some of the items here are just for a girl, but others can easily be changed around with a touch of blue for a boy later.

I sent these pages over to her and she was thrilled.  We spent a little bit of time talking about her ideas and how she could incorporate them into the room as well.  It was a great conversation and was so rewarding to hear how confident she now sounded.  She now had all the tools to build the perfect room for my little niece! 

Over the next few weeks, she would call me with ideas and questions.  We talked a lot about what to do with the walls and I even went and looked at some paint colors for her.  Pretty soon she was starting to send me pictures of the room as she added items and painted!  Things were coming along nicely!

Here are some of the pics that she has sent me of the finished room!  I think she did a great job and had all the right inspiration to pull it together with the greatest of ease! 

Even our mom added the perfect little touch with this great rocking horse!  She did an awesome job refinishing it from when my sister was little to fit right into the new room!  Way to go Ninna! 

I had so much fun finding the right inspiration for my sister and seeing her use those tools to build a beautiful room!  If you know of anyone out there that could use some inspiration don't hesitate to send them my way.  It doesn't matter how far away they are either.  I did all of this with my sister living 2 hours away! 

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