Monday, July 25, 2011

Eighteen Months Already!

I really can not believe how time flies!  I really try my best to quite the noise some times and just enjoy my family.  I try to saver certain moments as much as possible.  Yesterday was one of those times!

Zachary is officially 18 months old.  I just can not believe it!

It really feels like just yesterday that I was on maternity leave with him.  He was an awful sleeper so we would always cuddle up in the afternoon to take little naps!  He is still my little snuggler now!
These days though, he is picking fights with his sister and makes the best car and airplane noises!  Just about every day he adds a new word to his vocabulary.  How things change!  I can't even think about what I will be writing about in another 6 months!
Zach: Mommy loves you sooooo much and thanks for making me smile everyday!  You do need to get a little better on your feet and stop falling down so much!  One of these days you are sure going to give mommy a heat attack!  O-yeah and stay little.......please for mommy?  (I always ask them to stay little!  I remember my mom and dad saying that too me.  I never understood why till a few short years ago!)

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