Tuesday, December 13, 2011

DIY Mitten Ornaments!

I love to wrap Christmas gifts!  It really gets me in a festive mood around the Holidays!  I started off a few years back with just big bows, and now it has evolved to include an ornament.  By including a photo, it has been a great little add on for all the grandparents.

What you need:
*glitter felt (I went with the sheets that are a little stiff)
*sticky back foam page
*embroidery floss
*small holiday words
*face shots of the kids
*cotton balls
*hot glue/Elmer's glue
*long needle

I started off by deciding my scale for the mitten, and drawing a stencil.  You want to make sure you will have enough room for the picture and the foam backing to the picture.  Then, I cut out all the mitten pieces and paired them up.   Using a longer needle and embroidery floss do a quick basting stitch around the edge tacking the two pieced together.   Do not stitch the top opening shut, yet!
Once you have the basting started, you can add the cotton balls inside to give it a little dimension.  You want to fluff the cotton balls out a little bit to make sure it is not too lumpy.  Next, you need to cut the cording into 4 to 5 inches pieces.  Fold it into half making at hanger loop for the mitten.  Pin it into place at the top center of the mitten.  Once you have this complete then you can stitch across the top of the mitten closing it up!
Now for the finishing touches!  I liked making the photo and frame in a circle so that it appears to be a snow ball in the palm of the mitten, but you can do any shape you would like.  The sticky foam frame sticks really well to the felt, but I liked adding a little hot glue as well to make sure that it stayed in place.  The words and marabou can be added with hot glue or regular Elmer's glue.

That is really all there is too it!  Have fun with it!  Mix colors and words to make each one special.  I am sure it will be the perfect topper to any gift! O-and of course a great ornament for years of enjoyment!

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