Thursday, December 15, 2011

Root Beer Reindeer!

These Root Beer Reindeer are going to put a smile on any one's face!  The best part is that they are supper easy and a great last minute gift!
What you need:
*root beer (Can do with beer or even wine coolers!)
*tissue paper
*brown pipe cleaners
*red pom poms
*wiggly eyes
*hot glue gun

To start take all the bottles out of the pack.  Take the pipe cleaner and wrap it around the top and give it a twist to tighten it.  You can then bend them which ever way you like to complete the antlers.  Next, hot glue the eyes and red nose on the bottle.  It helps to put these on the paper labels at the top of the bottles to make sure they stick well!

The last step is to add the tissue paper to each bottle to give it a little more of a festive feel.  I cut the piece of tissue paper in half to make sure it was not covering the cute reindeer!
You don't always have to stop here.  You can put little jingle bell collars on them or even wrap the box and tie a cute bow around it!  The sky is the limit!  Just have fun with it!  It really makes an easy last minute gift, and for around $7 you can't beat the cuteness factor!
As you can see this is really super easy!  I think next year i will be making these for teachers and even people at work!  

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