Sunday, January 29, 2012

Taylor Family Farm!

The kids had the best time last night making these barn scenes.  We were suppose to make them during Zach's Tractor Birthday Party, but we ran out of time!
Farmer Zach!
I had a farm scene photo prop at the party, and we had everyone take pictures with their faces in the cut out.  It was from celebrate express, and needed to have some foam core added to the back of the thin cardboard.  Once I added support to the back it was just fine.
Farmer Mommy!
Since we ran out of time at the party I just bagged up the foam farm pieces for each person to take home and complete on their own.  I bought the foam farm frames at oriental trading.   There was a ton of pieces in there for a reasonable price.  Even after sending pieces home with people and completing our own frames we still have tones left over.
Farmer Daddy!
I used the pictures from the party for the foam frames.  The kids loved that it was the silly picture from the party.

I am a big fan of the foam stickers.  They are super easy for the kids to use, and the only mess they make is the left over paper backing.    We spent about an hour making different farm pictures last night, and the kids have been talking about them on the fridge all day long!

I plan on keeping these as I think they make a perfect keepsake from Zach's second birthday party!

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  1. How cute is this! I love it and I am definitely going to pin it. I am always looking for fun things to do with my toddler. Thanks for the idea.

  2. Reaaly Cute!!! hope to see you around my blog sometime...